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Brooks Brothers wants to create a legendary place to work. Here’s how Leadership Landing helps...

“Our relationship with Hal began more than three years ago when we initiated our journey to become a legendary place to work. Since the inception of our partnership, we have embraced his guidance and expertise. He has been instrumental in the success that we have achieved over the course of three surveys and has truly inspired us at each step of the process. ... Hal has supported us through executive coaching work, facilitated workshops, led focus groups and assisted us with strategy work around our Employer of Choice directives. Hal’s ongoing partnership and inspiration have enabled us to define and achieve a range of important goals that are now cornerstones of our operating philosophy.”

—Susan Eyvazzadeh, EVP, People Services, Brooks Brothers


SC Johnson has been a nationally recognized Best Company to Work For for years. Here’s what Kelly has to say about our work with them...

“I have had the pleasure of working with Hal Adler on many occasions over the last several years. As a consultant and coach, he has added immeasurably to the way our executives think about our company and its challenges. Hal can turn reams of data into amazing ideas, and slides of presentations into usable nuggets. I know I can speak for my organization as a whole when I say we have been lucky to know and work with Hal.”

—Kelly Semrau, VP, Global Public Affairs and Communications, SC Johnson


Alabama’s Daphne Utilities is anything but your typical public utility company. Chief executive Rob McElroy offers his perspective about Leadership Landing...

“Hal has been the catalyst driving our continued evolution from being just ‘good enough’ to something truly great. Through his work leading focus groups, providing executive coaching and organizing workshops for our managers, Hal has built a powerful rapport throughout our company and a deep understanding of our business. He is passionate about helping us get to where we want to be and gifted in his ability to identify and communicate important points.

Every time Hal speaks, you feel that “aha” light-bulb moment and know that, with his help, you are about to take another big step forward. By addressing key issues and concerns highlighted by Hal, we have kept our performance-based philosophy of business moving at top speed. Thank you, Hal, for all you have done and will continue to do for us!”

—Rob McElroy, General Manager, Daphne Utilities


Questus saw a need to be proactive, and address potential leadership gaps. Here’s what their co-founder had to say about their results after working with us...

“The individuals on our team have now gotten better at not just their job function, but their leadership skills. If you just look at our raw growth and profitability from pre-working with Hal compared to post working with Hal, it’s incredible… I really feel like I’m a better husband, dad and business man, seriously, because of Leadership Landing.”

—Jeff Rosenblum, Founder, Questus Advertising


NCQA wanted to create a great place to work. Working with Leadership Landing helped leaders to think about and approach this in a better way...

“Part of the challenge of executive coaching is to get people to drop their defenses and to be ok with being imperfect. Hal has a particularly deft touch with that, and it’s much appreciated.”

—Peggy O’Kane, President, NCQA


Chesapeake Energy’s CIO was looking for ways to improve the dynamic on her leadership team. By working on the team and individual level, Leadership Landing was able to help clear and observable ways...

“We were struggling with our team dynamics. The difference in the team from when we started coaching with Hal–extremely tense to be honest–to now if I fast-forward to today: very healthy. People are challenging each other, are engaged, and nothing is being held back. I can actually see a real change in my ability to contribute at the executive level.”

—Cathy Tomkins, CIO and SVP, Chesapeake Energy

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