360 Plus

This option brings you the same simple access, report and support as the 360 Assessment, PLUS three live executive coaching sessions and access to the Leadership Landing forum.

For leaders who want personalized, customized support, 360 Plus can be thought of as executive coaching “light.” The three coaching sessions can be in-person or via teleconference and will usually consist of one interpretation of results session (what your report says, why it matters and what actions to take) and two follow-up coaching sessions. This is the best option for leaders who want coaching but are working with a limited budget or time constraints.

How to Know If 360 Plus is for You

  • You know you’ll benefit from quality feedback delivered in an accessible, easy-to-use way
  • You’re working through a specific or general challenge or opportunity at work
  • You’d like to work with an executive coach to help understand that challenge and bring change
  • You’re interested in coaching but would prefer not to commit to six months

Step-by-Step Process of 360 Plus

  • Receive a username and unique password from Leadership Landing
  • Enter your customized participant dashboard, choose your evaluators, their classifications or categories (Direct Reports, My Supervisor(s), Marketing Team, Peers, Others)
  • Launch your survey
  • Two weeks later, the survey closes and you receive your report
  • Video- and audio clip-assisted interpretation and action planning begins
  • Work with your Leadership Landing Inc. executive coach to interpret your results and start an action plan
  • Schedule two follow-up coaching sessions to check in on progress and improve upon your action plan
  • Supplement the experience with guided audio meditations
  • Receive an exclusive invitation to the Leadership Landing forum to connect with Hal and other community members throughout the process

360 Plus Testimonials

“Leadership Landing’s questions and categories have all achievable things for any leader. Everybody at any level should be able to answer anything in the process with Hal’s questions.”

“(The assessment) helped me be able to say what I wanted to say, what I needed to say, that I thought I couldn’t. Now, after working with Leadership Landing, I can be more direct.”

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360 Assessment

Real feedback, real time, real development. Your Five Attributes of Great Leaders 360.

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360 Plus

The same great report and support but with personalized, individual leadership coaching.

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Team Coaching

360s and facilitation for teams that want to build trust and thrive.

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Executive Coaching

Individual 360 plus six months of executive coaching.

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