Executive Coaching

Individual executive coaching is the most personal, customized and holistic way to increase self-awareness and develop leadership ability.

This six-month approach is anchored by 60-minute coaching sessions that take place, on average, twice monthly. Initial coaching sessions are often spent understanding the various points of feedback necessary to clearly understand “current impact.” From there, coaching helps to skillfully articulate what the desired impact might look like.

Action planning and further reflection underpin ongoing sessions, supported by access to the Leadership Landing forum. Some leaders like to “go deep” and work on what’s driving them (“Why do I have a fearful experience as I am about to speak in public?” or “Why do shrink when I am talking with this particular person?”). Others prefer to work more tactically and on the surface (“I need tools that help me get over my fear of speaking in public” or “What can I think about that helps me to stay confident when I’m around this particular person?”). Either way, Leadership Landing coaches work by meeting you exactly where you are, and will support your move toward a better you.

How to Know If Executive Coaching is for You

  • You are experiencing a block of any kind that seems to be getting in your way
  • You’ve received feedback that has helped you understand that your leadership style is getting in your way, or others’ way
  • You’ve been identified as a high-potential or have recently been promoted, and are looking to shore up
  • You’ve started an important new job and want to be sure get it right from the start.

Step-by-Step Process of Executive Coaching

  • Leaders are selected
  • Data collection begins via 360 online survey and interviews. The 360 is designed around the Five Attributes of Great Leaders: Self-Awareness, Bravery, Kindness, Innovation and Inspiration
  • Other instruments such as DISC(R) or MBTI can be made available
  • Individual coaching begins—discuss themes and trends within data to gain understanding and design the action plan
  • Discussions and 1:1 meetings take place over time and twice monthly (or on a customized schedule)
  • Receive an exclusive invitation to the Leadership Landing forum to connect with Hal and other community members throughout the process

Executive Coaching Testimonials

“My other therapists don’t know anything about my job. They don’t give me specific-enough feedback because they don’t have any context. Hal does.”

“There is definitely insight with the assessments but the coaching is a huge help.”

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Executive Coaching

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