Team Coaching

The Team Coaching option is for teams that understand the value of individual and group reflection, and notice an opportunity for improved communication, collaboration or trust across the team.

In similar fashion to the 360 Assessment and 360 Plus, this process usually begins with individual 360s for team members. From there, both individual and group coaching begins. Three individual coaching sessions per leader are supplemented by three group-coaching sessions focused on building trust and transparency. Group sessions are facilitated to help the team work together to support each other, revisit team norms and agree upon rules of engagement. Access to the Leadership Landing forum helps guide teams throughout the process.

How to Know If Team Coaching is for You

  • Team would benefit from a reflective look at how members are working together
  • Members of the team are splintering in any way
  • Collaboration and communication can be improved
  • The culture of the team is too competitive or defensive

Step-by-Step Process of Team Coaching

  • Individual 360s of each team member kicks off the process
  • Individual coaching begins with an interpretation of results session
  • The first of three group coaching sessions takes place
  • Both individual and group coaching continues
  • Supplement the experience with guided audio meditations
  • Receive an exclusive invitation to the Leadership Landing forum to connect with Hal and other community members throughout the process

Team Coaching Testimonials

“I take stuff from Hal to share with my team, and we all benefit from it. The coaching he has done with me has ended up helping my entire team.”

“Initially, I thought to bring him in just for me. I had a conversation with him and really clicked, so I brought on board the rest of the leadership team.”

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Team Coaching

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